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Post Pregnancy Recovery Kit
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Made especially for postpartum Moms:
to help close the 6-pack gap, (diastasis recti), flatten the belly, and smooth the skin.

* Doesn't just "smash" your mid-section randomly; constructed to help close the 6-pack gap, (diastasis recti).

* See and feel belly flattening results in a few days.

* SUPER fast and easy to put on.

* Worn "flipped around" after 13-weeks, to help smooth skin, and continue flattening the belly.

* Molds to your body contour from day one, and through the entire shrinking process.

* Soft plush material against skin.

* No hard spines.

* Does not irritate you rib cage.

* Minimal to no spinning.


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Sillo Belly Wrap
Sillo Belly Wrap